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Advertise With Us

Radio Grenadines is now offering advertising opportunities for your business or brand.

Radio Grenadines is the only source of written community news, photos, videos and Internet Radio focused on the Grenadines but also serving the nation as a whole.

Why should you advertise with us?

Radio Grenadines operates a community based service, promoting sectors such as the environment, education, sports, culture, health etc, to do all this resources are required.

Your advertising dollar would enable us to sustain ourselves and further our work in the community by way of covering events, creating radio programming for the community and also provide employment and training. Click here to Read More about us.

By advertising with us you will be able to get the reach you need and the audience you want for your business.

Connecting our engaged consumers to marketers through Radio Grenadines mobile, digital, social platforms and high-level live events presents unparalleled advertising and sponsorship opportunities for brands looking to reach a high-quality consumer and alignment with best-in-class content.

Will my ads reach alot of people ?

Our website radiogrenadines.com carries over 1000 community articles of varying subject areas, this makes it a magnet for searches on google and other search engines. Unlike a lot of other sites, our website has no login restrictions, which means persons can access information they need for free.

Traffic to our website currently stands at about 35,000 page visits per month. These are visits from countries such as the US, Canada, UK, the Caribbean.

Our Internet radio is available on our website as well as the Tune-In app for mobile phones. This service is available to persons on a 24 hour basis with live in studio shows and live coverage of events.

Our social media network facebook.com/radiogrenadines we engage persons with photos of events, videos, article links and other posts. Some of our recent videos and images have obtained over 10,000 views.

What platforms are there to choose from?

By advertising with us you can take advantage of several platforms to reach targeted audience.

Internet Radio Advertising

Our Internet Radio ads are extremely affordable which means you can easily afford your ad to be played multiple times a day or at intervals in a week or even a month on our radio. More persons are now connected to the internet with a variety of devices which makes listening to Radio Grenadines a breeze.

You can also choose to sponsor  part or an entire live studio talk show. Your ad can be voiced by one of our professionals in our studio.

Our Websiteradiogrenadines.com

We are currently offering website banner advertising space on our website at very low prices. Banner ads can take the form of a business logo or photo along with text that readers can click to gain more information.

This banner ad would be placed alongside our page articles and can be linked to your business website or facebook page offering persons a click through to your business or brand.

You can also choose to feature your business or brand in a written article on our website, let persons know all about your business.

Social Media

On our social media platform you can take advantage of advertising your business by way of a simple post, a video or images of your products.

Your ad can reach thousands of targeted audiences by choosing one of our many time lapse options.

One of our professionals can create your video or image ad in our studio.


Rates and Specifications
*All Prices are in Eastern Caribbean Dollars (EC) | $1 US = $2.67 EC

Website Banner Ads:

320 x 233 Pixels  – $200.00 per Month + $60.00 Design Cost

320 x 80 Pixels  – $150.00 per Month + $60.00 Design Cost

595 x 80 Pixels  – Website Top  (1 space available) – $350.00 per Month + $60.00 Design Cost

595 x 80 Pixels  – Website Bottom  (1 space available) – $300.00 per Month + $60.00 Design Cost

Website written feature – $150.00


Internet Radio

Ad length of 30 / 45 seconds,  MP3 Quality. If you do not have an ad already created a $60.00 Voice Design fee would apply.

1 play – $9.00

Daily (4 Plays) – $30.00.00

Weekly (30 plays) – $100.00

Monthly (120 plays) – $300.00

3 Months (360 Plays) – $500.00


Sponsorship for Talk Shows

Your voice ad will play during breaks as well as acknowledgment from host.

Part Sponsorship –  $100.00

Exclusive Sponsorship – $300.00


Social Media Posts

For Posting on our Social Media page the rates are as follows:

1 Week Run – $200.00  – Average 6000+ reach

2 weeks Run – $400.00 – Average of 12,000 reach

1 Month Run – $600.00 – Average of 20,000 reach


Combined Package

Please ask about our combined advertising packages of Banner ads and Radio Ads where you would be able to target a mixed audience while receiving  discounted rates.


How to place your Ad?
Email or Call us to find out more information, all graphic or audio can be emailed to us.
Several payment options are available including bank transfer and money gram.

Contact us at email : [email protected]
Telephone: (784) 432 0467 or 458 8452

Our Office is Located at
#7 Mesa Benji Mall, (Opposite Lambi) Clifton, Union Island
St Vincent and the Grenadines

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By: Rashid Azar
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