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“TJ” the short film on Chicken Farming by Youths.

Progressive Youths of St Vincent and the Grenadines! A story of how “TJ”, a past student from the UISS and College with encouragement from his teacher Dr Anthony Stewart, entered into business with others and is now a positive role model for other youths in his community. Southern Grenadines Organic Poultry Farm

You can encourage these and other youths! give this video a – Like, Comment, Tag, & Pls Share.

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Man Zangie says Everything Level, stop the violence and crime.

Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines – Everything Level (Tout Bagay Bon) is a new single that was released by Zamfir “Man Zangie” Adams in St. Vincent and the Grenadines on May 19th, 2017. This new genre of music dubbed “SalSoca” is a multi-cultural musical crossover, incorporating Latino, Caribbean and French riddims.

The song was written by Hayden Billingy and performed by Man Zanzie, who pays homage to our French heritage as he rhythmically echoes the French Patois slang “Tout Bagay Bon” meaning “Everything good” or as we say in Vincentian parlance “Everything level”.

This Spanish and French inspired Ragga Soca bears heavy resemblance to Zouk music from our French neighbours. The song reiterates the power of music to start a revolution against violence, hate, racism, bigotry and crimes perpetuated against innocent people, especially those from the black race.

Listen to “Everything Level”

      1. Everything Level-Mstr

If we can hit bass and treble instead of fighting each other, then everything will be level. Music must be seen as a medium to unite people and to effect the change we need among our youths, instead of inciting violence and causing trouble. Man Zangie is the reigning Calypso Monarch from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, who has won the monarchy three consecutive years (2014, 2015 & 2016).

His entrance this year unto the Soca scene gives birth to a sweet Caribbean sound, appealing for the cease of violence and crime, and the need to unlock our youth’s musical powers.

The musical composition was done by Hayden Billingy from St. Vincent and Meriaha St. Louis from St. Lucia, who also mixed and mastered the track.

Live guitar was done by Javan Talbert

The song was co-produced by MS Studio and Arch City Records.

You can stream the song on youtube. Zamfir “Man Zankie” Adams Official Social Media links:  www.archcitysvg.com  https://www.facebook.com/zamfir.adams.1  @zangie_Zack Instagram.com

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Registration for the NTRC My App Program in Union Island now open.

Union Island! Let’s get ready to Build Apps. The NTRC is partnering with Radio Grenadines to bring the “My App” Summer Program to Union Island.

If you or anyone you know are between the ages of 13-18 then this is a chance to learn how to build APPS for Mobile Devices.

The program will run from July 24th – August 18th, Free Transportation and Meals will be provided. Registration forms are available at the UISS (Information Technology Teacher) or email us at [email protected]ines.com.

Let’s get ready to build exciting and innovative Apps | Register Today! Spread the Word

Download the Registration Form Here:

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Union Island Maroon 2017

UNION ISLAND “MAROON 2017” will be held as follows:







About The Island Maroon

The Grenadines due to its size, location and topography have always experienced extended dry seasons and as such have historically suffered from lack of water especially during the first half of the year.

The earth is parched and the grass turns brown after withering, domestic animals are ‘let go’ to forage on their own. Water in small cisterns is used up and those who have large tanks, the water level is frighteningly low.

When this happens you either have to have to buy water, or in the case of the poor, the only and best thing they can do is pray … and that it what the Maroon festival is all about, praying to the Almighty in faith that it will rain, and invariably it does, if not the same day, within a week or so.

The Sacrifice

The Maroon festival is an all day activity beginning at the crack of dawn and is called the ‘sacrifice’.  A table is set up at the junction of a cross road and the community brings whatever foodstuff they have available which will be cooked during  the course of the day.

Mostly senior citizens and young children attend this ceremony where they will sing, pray, read scripture, and exhort one another  and of course pray for rain.  People from all walks of life usually join this activity, wearing African outfits.

During the final prayer, all who gathered for the ‘sacrifice’ join hands while a spiritual ‘mother’ sprinkles water on all present, symbolizing the showers of blessings to follow.

Preparation of Meals

The next aspect of the Maroon festival is the preparation of meals.  Traditionally, the men would do the cooking outdoors while the women would cook at home.

One of the main dishes prepared during the Maroon festival is “Wangu Pois” pronounced  Wangoo Pwah, made from locally produced corn and peas, conchs, stewed local chicken (yard fowl), rolled rice, fish, and stewed turkey, while drummers pound out their rhythms to keep the spirit of Maroon alive.

By mid afternoon all the food will be cooked and school children fed first then the adults.

Night Drumming and Dancing

The Grand finale will begin about 7:30 pm and will run close to midnight.  The activity will begin  with the ‘opening of the ring’.  Persons will dance in a circle while sprinkling water, rice and strong rum at the same place where the opening ceremony was held, at the ‘cross roads’.

After the opening of the ring, two white towels are placed on the ground to form a cross, the drumming and dancing begins, women wearing skirts with a flair which are flapped like butterfly wings dance to the rhythms with children and adults chanting songs.

For the rest of the Maroon festival it is drumming and dancing with adults and children taking turns to dance which are very entertaining.

To close the event they will sing a song with the words ‘time to go home’ as part of the lyrics and then it is time to go home and of course wait, until the Good Lord sends the rain.

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SBPS retain Southern Grenadines Inter Primary School Athletics title

The Stephanie Browne Primary School (SBPS), Sprinted away with the Vinlec sponsored trophy to take top honors at the 2017 Edition of the Easterval May Day Southern Grenadines Inter Primary School Championship held at the Clifton Playing Field on May 1, 2017 for the third consecutive year, which was dubbed East vs West.

The event which was postponed from the Easter weekend saw Stephanie Browne Primary School (SBPS) amassed a total of 504 points to finish ahead of the Mary Hutchinson Primary School (MHPS) on 462 points.

The SBPS captured 130 medals at the championship 54 Gold, 40 Silver and 36 Bronze, while the MHPS collected 97 medals 25 Gold, 49 Silver and 23 Bronze.

Canouan and Carriacou did not participate in this year’s championship due to the unavailability of transportation, thus leaving the two schools from Union Island to contest for the 2017 title.

The SBPS was also successful at the just concluded National Lotteries Authority Inter Primary Schools Track and Field Championship in St. Vincent later March 2017, where they placed third overall and captured the female category from a field of sixty-six schools.

Click Here to Access Photos of the Event


Story by Lerroyd Scrubb

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International Table Tennis Federation Certification Course a Success on Union Island

Table Tennis is now set to be a popular sport on Union Island after several residents successfully completed an International Table Tennis Federation Level One Certification Course.

Over fifteen persons on Union Island, mainly teachers, completed the ITTF Club Coach level one course between Tuesday 25th – 27th April 2017 held at the Union Island Secondary School. The 12 hours course is the first part of the Level 1 Course where participants learned the basics of the game and several coaching techniques.

Georg Silberschmidt

Georg Silberschmidt

The course was hosted by the “The Vincy Table Tennis Foundation” and was facilitated by Georg Silberschmidt of Switzerland. Mr Silberschmidt is an Expert at the International Table Tennis Federation and the Director of the Swiss Table Tennis Federation.

The training project started one year ago in Bequia as a Pilot Project funded by Olympic Solidarity, the The Vincy Table Tennis Foundation was then formed as a way to not only ensure the sustainability of the initiative on Bequia but also to expand it across the country.

Similar training sessions are planned for Mayreau, Layou, Sandy Bay and once funding is acquired to other parts of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

It is expected that the Club Coaches will encourage students at the various schools to get involved in table tennis.

ITTF Club Coach Training

Over fifteen persons on Union Island, completed the ITTF Club Coach level one course between Tuesday 25th – 27th April 2017 held at the Union Island Secondary School.

Read the Full Story Here: https://radiogrenadines.com/international-table-tennis-federation-certification-course-success-union-island/

Posted by Radio Grenadines on Tuesday, May 2, 2017


As part of the training initiative, the Union Island Secondary School is expected to receive several professional tables and other table tennis gears, the project will be ongoing and will be coordinated by an Administrative Coordinator based in Bequia and Local Coordinators at each location.

Silberschmidt stated that schools and clubs will have to report the use of the gears and also have to participate at the inter school table tennis games starting October 2017.

Past Principal of the Union Island Secondary, Mr Godwin James shared his views on the training course via Radio Grenadines facebook page giving an historical review : “Table tennis was a sport at UISS before the mid 1980s. It was one of the games for Inter-House sports competition. Good initiative.


Vincy Table Tennis Foundation

Table Tennis is an activity that facilitates the holistic development of the individual. It caters for individuals of all ages, ethnic, religious and social groups. It is relatively cheap and allows for the honing of a wide range of skills. Schools are the nursery of all sport and it is important that much emphasis is placed on getting the fundamentals right at the early stages of the child’s introduction to the sport. Communities are the closest institution to the family.

The idea of establishing community-based multi-sport clubs around St. Vincent and the Grenadines affords a very good opportunity to utilize sport as a vehicle for community development. The Vincy Table Tennis Foundation was created to play a major role in facilitating grassroots development of Table Tennis around St. Vincent and the Grenadines with schools and communities working in tandem.

To make Table Tennis accessible to as many Vincentian children as possible in schools and communities ushering them onto a sustainable development pathway in the sport.

Learn More how you can donate towards table tennis in SVG at www.vincytabletennis.com

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Miss Easterval 2017 Official Results

 Miss St Lucia – Bernella Velinor
Miss Easterval 2017
Best Interview
Miss Photogenic


 Miss St Vincent – Laurie John
1st Runner Up
Best Ambassadorial Speech 
Best Evening Wear 


2nd Runner Up – Miss Barbados , Thea Semple


Best Swimwear – Miss Barbados – Thea Semple


Best Talent – Miss Union Island  – Danniela Alexander


Miss Congeniality – Miss Carriacou – Oshen Maturine


Contestant – Miss Grenada – Charlana George




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Girl Guides will “Takeover” Kingstown to build awareness.

The Girl Guides Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will be celebrating World Thinking Day on February 22nd, 2017 under the theme “GROW”.

World Thinking Day is a day of international friendship and solidarity and is celebrated by 10 million girls and young women in 146 countries throughout the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

The theme for this year is “Grow” and the Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines will mark the occasion with the first ever “City Takeover” – a walk through Kingstown on Saturday 18th February, 2017 from the Cruise Ship Berth to the Girl Guides Headquarters along a special route.

The event will begin with registration at the Cruise Ship Berth between 12pm and 1pm. Following the registration, participants will complete various legs with special activities along the way. The event will culminate at the Girl Guides Headquarters with a showcase of guiding talent.

International Commissioner of the local Association, Mrs. Beverley Reddock stated that the event is to build awareness about the Girl Guide Association of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and also to market girl guiding as an opportunity to develop the full potential of girls and young women in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Mrs. Laura Browne, Chief Commissioner highlighted that “Every girl should have the chance to grow, learn and reach her potential”. “This event is not only for our 2000+ Bim Bims, Brownie Guides, Girl Guides, Ranger Guides and Guiders but also for past members, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, the corporate sponsors and supporters through the years, friends and well wishers of girl guiding” Browne said.

T-shirts for the event are available at the Girl Guides Headquarters in Level Gardens.

On February 22nd, 2017, the activities for World Thinking Day 2017 will climax with members wearing their uniforms at their various educational institutions and also with the annual Brownie Public Speaking Competition at the Girl Guides Headquarters from 4pm.

The Girl Guides Movement on the Island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines was greatly inspired when the Chief World Guide Lady Baden Powell visited SVG in less than two decades (1951 & 1964).  She was well received by the Guide Movement here and the people of SVG.  She was satisfied that St. Vincent Movement was growing.  Furthermore, when she died in 1977 she was very satisfied that she had travelled the world to spread, strengthen and enhance the movement and that is was strong enough to survive the tests of time.

Girl Guiding is open to all girls and young women whatever their religion, ethnic group or background. A Girl Guide or Girl Scout accepts the Promise and the Law based on spiritual values, personal development and commitment to helping others.

For more information on the SVG Girl Guides Association visit: www.svggirlguides.org


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Helium Balloons fall from the Sky to Union Island Coast.

Around 7:30am Saturday 21st January 2016 two objects believed to be Helium Balloons fell off the South Western coast of Union Island. According to the Flight Radar website, the Balloons descended from an altitude of 59,000 feet back to earth.

The first Balloon was captured on camera as it was about to enter the water suspended by a red parachute.

parachute 2

First Balloon.


First Balloon afloat on the water.

About an hour later the second Balloon made its way down similar to the first however it seemed more inflated than the first.


Second Helium Balloon.

These Balloons are believed to be ones from Project Loon. Project Loon launches several balloons to provide Internet coverage to users on the ground. High speed internet is transmitted up to the nearest balloon, relayed across the balloon network, and then back down to users on the ground.

baloon 2

A Project Loon Balloon – website image

Project Loon balloons are designed and manufactured at scale to survive the conditions in the stratosphere, where winds can blow over 100 km/hr and the thin atmosphere offers little protection from UV radiation.

They are made from sheets of polyethylene, each tennis court sized balloon is built to last more than 100 days in the stratosphere.

The equipment is highly energy-efficient and is powered entirely by renewable energy – with solar panels powering daytime operations and charging a battery for use during the night.

Autolaunchers are designed to launch Loon balloons safely and reliably at scale capable of filling and launching a new balloon into the Loon network every 30 minutes.


An Auto launcher

Project Loon balloons travel approximately 20 km above the Earth’s surface in the stratosphere, well above airplanes, wildlife, and weather events. In the stratosphere winds are stratified, and each layer of wind varies in speed and direction.

To get balloons to where they need to go, Project Loon uses predictive models of the winds and decision-making algorithms to move each balloon up or down into a layer of wind blowing in the right direction. By moving with the wind, the balloons can be arranged to provide coverage where it’s needed.



More Helium Balloons

According to Project Loons website, on of their autolaunchers, “Chicken Little”, is on a working vacation in Puerto Rico. Chicken Little was packed up and shipped to this new location, where it was reassembled and used to successfully autolaunch a handful of test balloons.

The Project Loon team tracks the location of every balloon using GPS, coordinating directly with the local air traffic control to bring each one safely to ground targeting sparsely populated areas.

When a balloon is ready to be taken out of service, the lift gas keeping the balloon aloft is released and the parachute deploys automatically to bring the balloon to the ground in a controlled descent. Our recovery teams then collect the equipment for reuse and recycling.

More on Project Loon : https://plus.google.com/+ProjectLoon





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UISS heads to the NTRC iSquared Finals with Innovative Ideas

Two groups from the Union Island Secondary School have made it to the finals of the NTRC’s iSquared Competition in the Innovative Ideas Category to be held at the NIS conference room on Thursday January 19, 2017.

The i2 Competition is once again hosted by the St Vincent and the Grenadines, National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission. It is intended to give Vincentian youths the chance to change the world using their imagination and creativity and to showcase the young people’s inclination towards innovation.

Students from various Secondary, Technical and Tertiary level institutes from across the state students are challenged to develop and present projects in the form of Ideas and Mobile Applications that can facilitate the implementation of new systems or improve existing systems within the private sector of St. Vincent and the Grenadines so as to improve the delivery of their services to consumers.

The Union Island Secondary has participated for the past four years and has always made it to the finals and placed in the Ideas category.

This year two groups, the “UISS GEO 1” and “UISS GEO 2” under the mentorship of Geography Teacher, Abdon Whyte will be presenting their ideas at the Finals and Prize Giving Ceremony.


Abdon Whyte – Geography Teacher and Mentor.

Radio Grenadines spoke to Whyte who gave an overview of the presentations.

The Group “UISS GEO 1” is represented by students: Jarius Pollard and Destiny Dallas. This group will be presenting “FIRE ALERT” an idea that will change the way in which St Vincent and the Grenadines deal with Fires.

The Second group “UISS GEO 2” is represented by students: Kyra Regis, Nikita Williams, Bianca Nanton and Rokenzia Bute.  UISS GEO 2 will be presenting “CRIME ALERT” an idea that will enhance the way that Crime handled in the country.

“Our two groups have made it to the finals so we are hoping to take the first and second places at the competition” – Whyte

At the Finals the Ideas category , the UISS will be up against four other schools: The Girls High School, Petit Bordel Secondary, Bishops College Kingstown and Mountain View Adventist Academy.

Whyte stated that in the future they are hoping to also participate in the App Category of the competition which will require them to present software applications.

This year three secondary schools will be presenting their “APPs” to the finals are: Mountain View Adventist Academy, Thomas Saunders Secondary and Troumaca Secondary School.

Whyte also mentioned that some of the students that he mentored last year that moved on from the UISS, also entered the competition from at Tertiary Level.

The NTRC through it sponsors for the competition will present Cash and other Prizes for the first 3 places.

In the Secondary School, Ideas Category:

1st Place  – $2,000. Plus 4 Smartphones compliments Cable & Wireless
2nd Place – $1,500.
3rd Place –  $1,000.

The School with the most entries will receive a cash prize of $1000. The Mentors of the winning team will receive prizes ranging from $500 – $700.

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Petite Martinique Whitsuntide Schedule

May 28 - Petite Martinique

June 3rd - Petite Martinique

June 4th - Petite Martinique

June 5th - Union Island

Sponsored by GEF SGP, UNDP


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