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Near Death Dogs and Kittens Rescued by the Southern Grenadines Animal Kindness Shelter.

Workers from the Southern Grenadines Animal Kindness (SGAK) shelter are currently trying to save the lives of several Dogs and Kittens that were abandoned at a property on Union Island.

The animals were found in a fenced and locked property and were all starved of food and water and were infested with mange, ticks and fleas.

According to the SGAK another Dog was left abandoned in the porch of the upper flat of the property, and was later removed.

Kind-hearted residents of Union Island have been feeding the dogs by throwing food over the fence for the past week since finding out their situation.

The SGAK is working with the theory that sometime in 2014 a puppy was adopted but was never spayed (to sterilize a female animal by removing the ovaries) eventually the dog had several sets of puppies some of which remained on the property.

There was a happy ending where some of the dogs and kittens were rescued and sent to Southern Grenadines Animal Kindness (SGAK) Shelter on Union Island, a shelter offering care, medications, food and love to abused and neglected animals.

There is a still a long road to recovery and we hope they all pull through. But this isn’t the end. Once fully recovered, we must find them homes, the SGAK said in a release.

There is currently an ACT in place which deals with cruelty to animals in St.Vincent and the Grenadines – Protection of Animals ACT of 1947, Chap 68.

The SGAK is calling for these laws to be enforced and are urging persons to do background checks before putting dogs up for adoption.

They are also trying to raise awareness on the importance of getting dogs spayed/neutered especially before giving them up for adoption.

The SGAK is advising that dogs can be spayed which will reduce the problem of strays that several organizations have been fighting for in St.Vincent and the Grenadines, such as the Vincentian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (VSPCA) in St.Vincent and SGAK on Union Island.

Many opportunities are offered to get dogs/cats spayed/neutered at SGAK during the times that the Vet is on the Island.

These animals are God’s creation and we should remember that they need be treated with respect as every other living being. No being deserves to suffer the SGAK said.



SGAK is a registered non-profit organization devoted to helping animals in need. It has a facility on Union Island where a full time caregiver manages the shelter that hosts at least 20 animals at any given time.


Learn more at their website www.animalkindness.net



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By: Rashid Azar
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