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“Friends of Union Island” Group gives $10,000 towards fencing the Clifton Cemetery

The Union Island Development Group (UIDG) is on a mission to undertake projects on Union Island that would contribute to a better way of life for residents on the Island. The group is currently working to fence both the Ashton and Clifton Cemeteries.

The group recently received much needed support by way of monetary contribution totaling EC$10,000 dollars from an overseas based organization “Friends of Union Island”, the group is based in North America & the UK.

Ann Hendricks flanked by her Husband (right) hands over a cheque equivalent to EC$10,000 to Mr Simmons, and other members of the Union Island Development Group.

The cheque was handed over  by Ann Hendricks on behalf of the “Friends of Union Island” group. Mrs Hendricks stated that her group raises donations overseas which they give back to the community of Union Island through various projects. One of the more popular fundraising event is their annual New York boat ride.

This is the second donation by the to the “Friends of Union Island” to the “Union Island Development Group”.

See Other Donations and Projects by the Friends of Union Island group below:

The Union Island Development Group was formed by several concerned persons on Union Island who shares a common goal. They raise funds by way of BBQs, Cultural Concerts, Dinners and other events on the Island.

With funds raised and other donations, the group successfully completed fencing the front section of the Ashton Cemetary and work is already underway on fencing the Clifton Cemetary.


Fencing work on the Clifton Cemetery in progress.

The Clifton Cemetary will be outfitted with a concrete fence and a gate, the group decided to make the cemetery fencing projects a priority because of the constant damage to flowers and other structures by stray animals.


Recent Fencing works done at the Ashton Cemetery. 

The Union Island Development Group has been working on Fencing both the Ashton and Clifton Cemeteries raising funds…

Posted by Radio Grenadines on Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Persons who would like to make donations to the Union Island Development Group can contact:

Stephane Browne – (784) 532.3516 or 458.8845


Work at the Clifton Cemetery




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Mayreau to Union Island school trip now assisted by the Tobago Cays Marine Park.

The Tobago Cays Marine Park (TCMP) is assisting the Community of Mayreau by covering a portion of the transportation cost for students attending the Union Island Secondary School.

Every school day over twenty five students journey by boat twice, leaving the island of Mayreau for Union Island in the morning and returning in the evening after school.

This journey between the islands is about 5 miles, sometimes on rough waters. Mayreau is one of six islands and the only inhabited island that is part of the Tobago Cays Marine Park.

Green path shows the Journey between Mayreau and Union Island.

Green path shows the journey between Mayreau and Union Island.

Since the re-launching of the park in 2006, the management of the TCMP has set out to provide assistance to the community of Mayreau whose livelihood were affected by the presence of the marine park.

Currently the transportation cost of each student is EC$200.00 per month. Under this recent initiative, the TCMP will contribute about EC$1500.00 per month towards transportation costs for the students. The park’s contribution started from end of September 2015.

Manager of the TCMP,  Mr. Kenneth Williams, commented that “The Tobago Cays Marine Park  is committed to providing unwavering support to the people of Mayreau”, he added that the community can expect increased benefits with the soon to be implemented new moorings at Salt Whistle Bay by the TCMP.

Over the years the TCMP has been involved in training persons on Mayreau in developing skills for alternative livelihood, providing seed funds support for individuals and businesses in the community. The TCMP also was involved in the establishment and maintenance of the Mayreau Harbour patrol boat, providing life jackets for students, providing support for the Mayreau Regetta Committee, and many other activities put on by the Mayreau community.

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Radio Grenadines Fan in the UK replaces Eric’s stolen Bike…..his own bike stolen many years ago.

Eric Allen a bike lover received a brand new bicycle from a kind-hearted fan of Radio Grenadines after his previous one was stolen one month ago.

Eric requested the help of Radio Grenadines on August 7th 2015 to publish his story of his missing bike with the hope of recovering it. A few days later the story went viral and Eric recovered only the frame. Much to his disappointment and with no money to purchase a new one or buy parts, Eric was staring at his dark cloud.

Only the frame was Recovered.

Only the frame was Recovered.

Eric however saw a silver lining when news got to him that someone saw his story on the internet and wanted to help. There was another problem however, that person a total stranger to Eric lives all the way across the other end of the globe.

Brian Price, an entrepreneur based in the UK saw Eric’s story on Radio Grenadines and was following the story closely. When Price heard that the bike had been found dismantled he felt that he had do something to try and rectify the situation.

Price decided (via Radio Grenadines) to try and help rectify the wrong and to fully fund a replacement mountain bike for Eric. Staff at Radio Grenadines followed up with Price and facilitated the purchase which was made from a popular store in SVG and transported down to Union Island via the MV Barracuda. Mr King, Owner and Captain of the Barracuda wavered the transportation cost after hearing of Eric’s story.

The Bike was handed over to Eric Allen on Friday 4th of September 2015 by Treasurer of Radio Grenadines Inc. Mr. Allan Providence on behalf of the donor Brian Price. Eric restated his thanks to Price and Radio Grenadines for their support throughout the ordeal.

Allan Providence (left) hands over the Bike to Eric on behalf of Brian Price.

Allan Providence (left) hands over the Bike to Eric on behalf of Brian Price.

When asked how he will safeguard this one, Eric jokingly said that he will have to sleep with it. He stated that he will lock it whenever he is not around. Eric stated that he is still awaiting word from the local police to whom he have reported the matter to.

We asked Brian Price what would have prompted him to assist Eric and he stated “Having had a bike of my own stolen many years ago I could empathise with Eric and his loss and how difficult it would be to replace such a treasured item”.

Price also stated that he is a frequent visitor to the famous Palm Island Resort. “Of course to get to Palm you have to travel by plane via Union, my wife and I have made a number of trips to Union Island whilst visiting Palm, not only do we love Union but we love the people, many of which work at Palm. The people are so friendly, always have time to talk and come across as genuine and sincere” Price said.

Price explained that during their trips to Palm Island, Radio Grenadines has often been playing as background music, they love the local music and got hooked. When Brian returned to the UK he found the Radio Grenadines Facebook Page and became a fan and follows local news and activities via our page www.facebook.com/radiogrenadines

How Brian discovered our part of the World

UK based Businessman Brian Price

UK based Businessman Brian Price

Brian Price lives with his wife Rona and family in South Wales, he has 3 grown up children who all live within 10 miles of each other, all of them have been to Palm and Union Island at least once.
Brian first visited the Caribbean back in the year 2000 when he took his wife Rona to Jamaica for her 40th Birthday… since then they have travelled the Caribbean extensively.

Rona found Palm Island Resort on the internet and booked it for Brian’s 50th Birthday back in 2008 and since then this resort has become their favorite holiday destination.

Brian and his wife will be visiting again next April 2016 for their 13 visit.

On visiting Palm, Price has permission from the St Vincent and Grenadines Government and Palm Island Management to operate his own Amateur Radio Station using a special call-sign J8-8PI and has spoken to thousands of people from all over the world using his specialist equipment.

Price is looking forward to connect in person with Eric the next time he visits Union Island. Whenever you visit Union Island be sure to look out for Eric cruising around town on his Bike.

Eric tries out his new bike.

Eric tries out his new bike.

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“Barracuda” returns after 15 years.

On Tuesday 17th February 2015 Nicola “Barracuda” Bresciani returned to Union Island for one night, upon invitation from the management of the Anchorage Yacht Club for an evening of music and reconnection.

Barracuda and his keyboardist, Micah Mathura from Gouave Grenada, entertained fans at the AYC some of which did not hear him play in over 14 years. It was truly a night of reflection as old fans and other musicians were busy chatting about the “ole days” after his gig.

His return to the Anchorage is part of a strategic plan by management to return the establishment to its former “glory days”.

Patrons at the Anchorage

Patrons at the Anchorage

“I have known Barracuda as a close friend, he told me about his history here in the Grenadines. When I told him I was taking on this project he was excited for me. I wanted to bring him here for New Years Eve but it wasn’t possible. I had to take the only date he could give as he’s very busy in Grenada.  I thought it was a nice thing for Union Island people to have again one of its greatest performer from the past. Hopefully we will do it again.” stated  Natale “Nat” Talmo, Manager of the AYC.

The name “Barracuda” is well known to residents of Union Island as he played at different spots such as the AYC, and other restaurants between the years 1991 to 2001. His deep reggae voice and magical guitar strum combined left persons in awe.

In an interview with Radio Grenadines “Barracuda” related that after playing in Union Island for about 10 years he moved to Grenada where he continued in the entertainment business. “the ten years that I played in Union Island was Fun Tastic” he said.

Born in Italy he came to the West Indies in 1979 visiting St Barts and St Marteen, he then moved to Carriacou in 1986/87. He settled in Union Island during the years 1991-2001 after which he moved to Grenada.

Barracuda and Micah Mathura on Keyboards.

Barracuda and Micah Mathura on Keyboards.

Apart from being an accomplished musician, Barracuda is also a Skipper and Diver and as a result got the name Barracuda.

Being in Union Island last Tuesday Barracuda was able to reconnect with old friends. “ those days in Carriacou, Union and the Grenadines are the best years of my life, so it’s always a joy for me to come up the islands, I am an Islands boy.” Barracuda stated.

Barracuda is back to his busy schedule being booked almost all week between Carriacou and Grenada.


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Union Island Joins War on Lionfish

Clifton, Union Island – March 25, 2014

For the first time ever, the 2014 Union Island Easterval will include a lionfish derby and lionfish barbecue. The island is wholeheartedly joining their neighbours on Mayreau in the effort to control the voracious and venomous species in the waters around the Southern Grenadines, especially the Tobago Cays Marine Park.

“Lionfish are eating machines,” said Mr. Ken Williams, Manager of the Tobago Cays Marine Park. “If we don’t get them, they’ll get all the fish and crustaceans in our waters, which will destroy our fisheries. Then, without cleaner species, our reefs would die. That would be a nightmare for the Tobago Cays Marine Park, which relies on the protective Horseshoe Reef.

So, with coaching from the Mayreau Regatta and Sporting Committee, who started hosting lionfish derbies in 2012, we are working with the Easterval Committee to get Union Island’s first annul derby off the ground.”

“On Friday, April 11, we will be offering a $500 cash prize for the team that brings in the most lionfish, a $300 prize for second place and $200 for the third-placed team,” said Lesroy Noel who is spearheading the project with coaching from Mayreau’s Nancy Saul-Demers. “We are also offering $250 to the team that brings in the single largest lionfish and the same again for the smallest lionfish. Since the entry fee is only $5 per man or woman, this is a good chance for fishers to make some good money while also doing good for our local fish and keeping our tourism and fisheries industries healthy.”

“Teams must pre-register with us and attend a safety briefing before heading out,” stressed Noel. “Safety comes first.” Teams may leave the fisheries dock on Union no earlier than 6 a.m. on April 11 and must return by 3 p.m. After the contest concludes and the catch has been weighed and measured, it will be cooked up by a local chef so that fishermen and others have a chance to sample the tasty treat. “Some people think you can’t eat lionfish because they think the meat is poisonous,” said Saul-Demers “But that’s just not true. Lionfish do have 18 venomous spines, so you handle them carefully and you don’t eat the venomous spines, of course! Lionfish are on the menus of many good restaurants elsewhere in the Caribbean and they’re delicious. Now folks on Union Island will have a chance to eat them. Once they’ve tried them, I’m sure they’ll love eating them.”

After kicking off with the lionfish derby, Union Island’s Easterval 2014 runs from April 12 to 21 and features fun of all kinds: inter-school sports, a comedy extravaganza, church service, princess pageant, full-moon party, fish fest, fire fete, cultural extravaganza, foam fete, fashion show, sports night, all-white glow, cricket, kids’ fair, soca fest, boat cruise, Miss Easterval pageant and J’Ouvert. Don’t miss it!


For more information:

Mr. Lesroy Noel (784) 542-6090 

Mrs. Nancy Saul-Demers (784) 458-8006 


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Michael Jackson visits Union Island

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Union Island Carnival 2012

The Union Island Carnival / Music Festival 2012 kicked off on Saturday 30th June with a Family Funday at the Hugh Mulzac Square, Clifton Union Island. Exciting the patrons were lots of games and activities like; buns eating, beer drinking, food eating, lime and spoon, sac race, lie competition, crying competition, and more…..

On Sunday the Road Jump up started on the road at around 5pm with Dj Hype and High Voltage longside the CubbyHole man “miamore” leading the T Shirt Band with patrons wearing their “Down In a Cubby Hole” T shirts.

The Union Island Carnival 2012 was organised by the Music Festival Committee of Union Island.

See the Union Island Carnival Album on our facebook page:  www.Facebook.com/radiogrenadines

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Union Island Carnival 2012

The Union Island Carnival Committee Presents 2 Days of Carnival, June 30th – FUNDAY in the Mulzac Square and Show & Dance at the Reggae Lounge. On Sunday 1st July its the big Cubby Hole Road Jump Up with the Energy Band. Get your Cubby Hole TShirt Printed early. Plain Tshirt + $15

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Male Winner of the Union Island Got Talent – Karaoke Competition – Rebroadcast

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Kevin "KC" Charles

The Making of “WORK” by Kevin “KC” Charles – Stadic Studio

During the making of  the track “WORK” or “KAZI” we really wanted to bridge the gap between the true sweet old school vincy music that the world has grown to love with somewhat of a new twist. Ragga soca is to St. Vincent and the Grenadines as Hip Hop is to the US and Reggae and Dancehall is to Jamaica. With that being said we have to make a great effort to preserve it, evolve it.

The addition of “KAZI” is my way of flipping this track even more. This word is Swahili, meaning “WORK”. I Really wanted to explore some new avenues with this one as it opens up a whole new set of possibilities with respect to performances and promotion.
Must big up Lindel “Banco” Tittle for his amazing and creative writing skills. In addition I did not simply want to produce this track all by myself so I brought in one of the freshest, newest producer on the block Mr. Wetty Beatz. Yes thats right, we’re all direct products of this beautiful gem that is UNION ISLAND. Together we really did this track justice in my opinion, and I really hope that others appreciate it as well.
Must take the time to big up my newest partner, FOJO (Platinum records 101, Trinidad). He’s amazing with vocals and really helped me to bring out the true vybe of the track. Also need to thank Ms. Zoelah Boyde for the amazing back vocals on the track. The track was mixed an mastered by one of the best in the business, DJ Scratch Master. His engineering skills is renounced throughout the Caribbean and i was proud to have him be a part of this project.
Work (Kazi) is produced under Stadic Studio Productions (Union Island, SVG) for which I am the Producer/ Owner / CEO, and has just been picked up by ISLAND TRAFFIC ENTERTAINMENT (CEO: Linwall Patterson), the record label that brought you the GUTTER RIDDIM featuring Bunji Garlin, Talpree, Patch, Fayan lyons, Skinny Fabulous and more, much more.
Anticipate the performances. Anticipate the creativity. Anticipate the movement. Anticipate the M-U-S-I-C.
Listen to Work / Kazi :
      1. 01 WORK (KAZI)

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NTRC icode784 Competition

Sponsored by GEF SGP, UNDP



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