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Tribute to Mommy – Dillon Ollivierre

Children are crying
Contemplating suicide due to the pain within
Who I am without my mother? I am nothing!
I am the manifestation of her love
Unconditional love
Many are weeping presently
Hurting physically
And drowning emotionally
They stand at their mother’s grave weeping
Children are seeking that unconditional love
That mother’s love
In search of such love they are devoured by those whose interest lies only in exploiting them
Using and abusing them


How fortunate it is to have your mother in your life
To be standing at the alter about to be married or baptized
With your mother by your side supporting you step by step
As you achieve your goals and aspirations, she ask what’s next?


I was miserable but you loved me unconditionally
I fell and hurt myself physically
But you were there to comfort me
You held me, you loved me
Though I screamed to the top of my voice you embraced me
Though I cried constantly you comforted me
I was young and troublesome but you remain committed, you taught me wrong from right
And though we fuss from time to time, you still treat me right


Many are unfortunate to lose their mother’s at an early age
Others are unfortunate to have a mother but not a mommy, which is very strange
But I am gifted with a mother who loves me daily
Though I may not always say it, I do love you mommy
We may disagree and argue
But I will always love and respect you
I will always cherish all that you have taught me
All that you have given me
The gifts money can’t buy are always the gifts that are eternally cherished
Mommy! We have developed a bond that will never diminish


Written By: Dillon Ollivierre
Picture Done By: Brian Ollivierre


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