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No place I’d rather be – Denika Compton

There is a place of freedom and tranquility

A place where good will still prevails

A place so unique and unharmed

Yet virtually undiscovered


This land produced amongst the greatest

Philosophers, Theologians, Financers, Ambassadors

Many fought for what this land enjoys today

Forefathers, Nation-builders, Warriors and The brave


Yes there may be constant political discrepancies

Murders so gruesome and inhumane

You’ve heard about the copper pot, domestic violence, decomposed body discovered

News of rape, indecent assault, men held at gun point spreads like wild fire

White collar crime, maybe a few

Discrimination, maybe that too


Where in the world do such things not exist?

Where can you find a land free of crime? Free of murder? Free of rape? Free of discrimination and political rivalry?

Tell me where can you go and live your life carefree?

Circumstances elsewhere maybe far more gruesome than in this land


Freedom so confined, can’t even whisper, smiles are obscured

Childish quarrels over oil and lands, resulting in ballistic blast

Free of fear for life? Certainly not!


Why substitute freedom for captivity, democracy for tyranny,

Tranquility and harmony for anything that’s not uniquely Vincy?

We’ve been classed as a top tourism destination for 2012

The 2009 best sailing and yachting island

Vacation destination for Prince William and his wife

Many royalty visit these shores, with a sense of freedom, of being in paradise


Land of my birth I pledge to thee, I’m proud to be Vincy

Even with all its flaws, scars and inconsistency

Still it’s magnificent, flourishing and so lovely

There’s no place I’d rather be, than here in sweet SVG

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