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A beautiful feeling of Life by Françoise Gagnieux-Marfoglia


A hawksbill turtle had laid eggs on Palm Island – West Beach, later than normal (November). The Environmental Attackers team led by Roseman Adams was concerned that the turtles had hatched but were unable to reach the surface. Françoise Gagnieux-Marfoglia shared the experience.

Thanks to the combined efforts of Palm Island and The Environmental Attackers of Union Island, I was extremely lucky to experience a hands-on opportunity in getting involved in the birth of 135 baby Hawksbill turtles!

To be part of this unique experience was extraordinary, I felt the bond of the people around me trying to find the turtles, all of us digging in the sand with our hands.

We were all praying that the eggs had not been poached.

When we finally saw the first little baby turtle appear we were all so relieved, we cheered!

But the best part I must say was when I held one of the turtles in my hand. I felt something that I had never felt before! It was a sort of energy that went through my whole body, a beautiful feeling of life! 

As a scuba diver, I was delighted to see that these 135 baby made it safely to the sea, a few hurdles less for them to be able to survive and hopefully one day one of them will return on Palm Island to lay its eggs safely.

Thanks to Roseman and his team, it was a unique, fulfilled and informative experience!


Françoise Gagnieux-Marfoglia


Read: Buried Alive – https://radiogrenadines.com/buried-alive-story-135-turtles-saved/


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