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Fine Art – Marslyn V Lewis

Fine Art – Marslyn V Lewis


A fine work of art, with lines so well carved and astutely defined.

Exudes vigour, power, and much strength.

Your physical being constantly mesmerises, captivates and sets each sleeping nerve within my body in a rhythmic motion.

Your voice arrests and stirs the curiosity of everything under its sound, yet it remains gentle and calm.

Our coming together has provoked an irresistible and pulsating flow of untouched, unexpressed chemistry, that registers instantaneous vivid mental and emotional impressions, that apprehends every thought in my mind, leaving me totally immersed in an eclectic spell that cannot be explained by words.


Your eye emanates beauty in all its marvellous splendour…

And your lips so meticulous sculpted, soft to the touch and sweet to the taste

Each glance stimulates and arouse unquenchable desires deep within

With a face of an angel, and a heart of a lion, each gaze caused my imagination to go untamed, caught in an emotional fury trying to unravel, explain and interpret the artist handiwork, whose story has no end, remains untold, and constantly captivates the soul and penetrates at an unexplained depth

This is truly a breathtaking, amazingly beautiful work of art, one that has left a lasting impression in my mind.

True stunning, powerful, strong, ambitious, determine, persistent, wild and free is My prized piece of art, the finest I’ve ever seen

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True Intimacy – By Marslyn Lewis

TRUE INTIMACY – By Marslyn Lewis


My soul hungers and yearns for you; I can’t seem to find rest

Like a young child thirst the milk of its mothers breast

Each day thoughts of you stir a fire deep within

And constantly stimulates the core of my being


My heart pants each moment am awake and is left wanting more and more of you

As I try to come to grips with this thing called love i feel for you

I dream of your sweet kisses and your gentle touch so warm so real so true

A new depth of passion is ignited in me daily

As I reminisce on all the precious moments you’ve spent with me


A miracle I have found when I laid eyes on you

one late Saturday, as night turned into day under the umbrella of the morning dew

The moment that changed my life forever, and left me completely hypnotised in

a world of uncompromised romance

I’m forever Intrigued by your sweetness which has swept me into a deep trance

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